American journalist Leonidas Hubbard died of starvation while travelling in central Labrador in 1903. ((Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage))

An Alberta writer is planning to retrace a famous expedition that ended badly in Labrador more than 100 years ago.

Jerry Kobalenko is hiking the route Leonidas Hubbard took across central Labrador from Grand Lake to the Smallwood Reservoir. Hubbard and two others attempted the trip in 1903, but Hubbard died in the wilderness after taking the wrong river. Both other men survived.

Kobalenko, an adventure-travel writer who has written for publications such as National Geographic, will attempt to complete the journey safely this summer.

"I'm a storyteller and this is one of the great stories of the Labrador wilderness, and I've been coming to Labrador for over 20 years, travelling the land and getting a sense of both the country and the history," he said Monday.

"I've done other historic routes — that's how I travel now. I find a story that interests me and I try to understand it better by walking in their footsteps."

A book, The Lure of the Labrador Wild, was written about the expedition.

Hubbard did the trip by canoe, but Kobalenko and his partner plan to walk the 220-kilometre route, carrying 40-kilogram backpacks.

He said the pair expects to cover about 10 kilometres a day.