The president of the Menihek Nordic Ski Club says motorized vehicles are to blame for tearing up the western Labrador club's trails.

Gerry Rideout said ATVs, dirt bikes, and sometimes trucks have used the trails.

"They're tearing around the trails, turning the grass into mud," he said. "They're turning over the rocks so you can't walk properly."

The more than 30 kilometres of trails in Labrador City are designed for skiing in the winter and walking during the summer. They have also been used for world-class ski competitions.

The trails are maintained with funds from the town, sponsors, and membership fees.

Rideout has spent the past 27 years protecting the trails, along with numerous volunteers. 

"Up until a few days ago, they weren't too bad, and we did some repairs last week. Now you look at it again, and it's black turf again," he said.

"If we're going to have bikes and ATVs and side-by-sides on the trails every day, we're not going to have anything left."

Rideout has tried to crack down on the offenders. He has called in descriptions of dirt bike riders he has found on the trails to the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary.

The club has also posted signs in the area, and may soon install surveillance cameras.