Women bond over lost-and-found ring

Jana Windsor, who spent last weekend frantically searching for her lost engagement ring, says she has found a friendship with Amanda Gifford, the woman who returned her ring.
Jana Windsor's engagement ring. (Photo courtesy Charla Maarschalk)

Jana Windsor, who spent last weekend frantically searching for her lost engagement ring, says she has found a friendship with Amanda Gifford, the woman who returned her ring.

Windsor said she lost the ring on Friday, Aug. 24 while she was on an outing in Holyrood.

She said she and her cousin met at a convenience store in Holyrood near a boardwalk area for an ice cream before heading to a beach. Before they hit the beach, Windsor took off her rings and put them in her pocket while she put some lotion on her hands.

After Windsor left the beach, she ran a few errands.

It was only when she got home and reached into her pocket that she discovered the engagement ring was missing.

Weekend search

Windsor immediately retraced her steps, searching the beach, the boardwalk, parking lots, and stores, to no avail.

"I came home in shock still and barely slept all night. Then I got up the next morning and did the same routine,"  said Windsor.

Windsor said the ring was expensive and full of meaning. Windsor said her husband gave it to her in the abandoned fishing community of La Manche, where Windsor's father, who passed away the year before their engagement, grew up.

Windsor continued her search last Saturday and Sunday, printing up flyers and posting ads on websites and social media. 

By Monday evening, Windsor said she was ready to accept that the ring was probably gone for good. About 45 minutes later, her cell phone rang.

Shiny object spotted by biker

Amanda Gifford of Bay Roberts was on the line.

Gifford's husband David had spotted something shiny on the boardwalk in Holyrood last Saturday, Aug. 28 when the motorcycle group he was riding with was on a break. When he realized it was a ring, he picked it up.

Gifford said he showed her the ring when he got home, and they figured that it was probably important to someone.  Gifford then put the ring in her jewelry box for safekeeping.

On Monday evening, she got a message from a Facebook friend, suggesting she check a message Windsor had posted about her missing engagement ring.

Gifford immediately called Windsor, and asked her to describe it. Windsor emailed Gifford a photo of the ring, and the two women quickly determined that the ring Gifford's husband found belonged to Windsor. 

Happy ending

Windsor said she still can't believe her good fortune.

"It happened so quick. I lost the ring on Friday, and Monday evening, I just, I didn't know what to think. I was beyond excited to hear her telling me [about it]. I was kind of in shock, I guess."

Windsor said she and her husband immediately jumped in their car and drove to Bay Roberts to retrieve her ring from the Giffords.

They offered the Bay Roberts couple a cash reward for finding the ring, but the Giffords refused to take it. 

Instead, Windsor, a wedding photographer, has offered to do a free photo shoot for Gifford, and the two women are planning it for October. She said she's still overwhelmed by the couple's actions. 

"I can't thank Amanda enough, I can't thank David enough for picking it up. For the two of them being so honest. It's amazing how honest some people are in this world." 

Windsor and Gifford agree that they have forged a bond over the lost-and-found ring.

"It was almost like an instant connection, and we've developed a friendship," said Gifford. "Good things come to good people, I guess."