A woman who is wanted by the court system in Newfoundland and Labrador doesn't know why she hasn't been arrested yet.

Amy Collins, 36, made the news earlier this month when she wanted judge Michael Madden to refer to her as 'My Lady.'

During that court appearance, Collins made it clear that she did not accept the court's authority.

Collins was supposed to appear in court on Tuesday for sentencing — but didn't show up. Madden issued an immediate warrant for her arrest.

When reached by CBC News on Thursday she said that she's not on the run.

"There's been a warrant issued for the arrest of Amy Collins, all caps name, they know ... I don't know what they're doing or what their plan is," said Collins.

"I've been home, I've been out, I'm certainly not hiding."  

She was to be sentenced for an obstruction of justice conviction.

Collins said she was charged with obstruction because she disagreed with police when they pulled her over. She added they had been looking for a passenger in her vehicle.