Ashley Gylland has been worried about her brother Adam Chafe and his girlfriend Jennifer Brake for days now. 

They were vacationing on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten, which was directly hit by Hurricane Irma.

The two have escaped injury but their situation is far from ideal.

"They're staying at the hotel that they were booked with and it's one of the stronger buildings down there, but half the roof is gone," Gylland said.

The two have some water that they can boil and a small amount of food but the situation remains dire.

"Their hotel only has enough fuel for Saturday and maybe Sunday, so if they lose power, we have no contact with them whatsoever,'' said Gylland.

Hurricane Irma leaves its mark

More damage to the French side of the island. (lionel chamoisea/AFP/Getty Images)

Gylland is also upset that the Canadian government hasn't done anything to get Canadians off the island.

She said Dutch and American military planes have already been there to evacuate their citizens, but Chafe and Brake were turned away.

'They were turned away because they were Canadian.' - Ashley Gylland

"The Americans have been evacuating along with the Dutch. They [Chafe and Brake) were in a lineup Saturday morning in the airport to get on a plane and were turned away because they were Canadian."

Gylland said she's been in contact with the Canadian government but they haven't been much help.

"They keep informing me that they're monitoring the situation and they have no plans of evacuation at this moment,", Gylland said.

Global Affairs Canada has said the government is providing consular assistance to those who need it.