A fast-rescue craft from a Bell Island ferry helped rescue a woman whose open boat ran aground on an island in Newfoundland's Conception Bay early Tuesday.

The woman was found safe and alert not long after she called for help around 6 a.m., when she reported she had run into trouble near Kelly's Island.

Terry Smith, who was on board the Dalton Girls, one of the boats that went to rescue her from Kelly's Island, said the woman was on the beach when she was located. Her boat had been swamped.

Smith says his boat was too big to make it to the beach, but other help soon arrived.

"Just as we got there, roughly four or five minutes after, two guys came in a small rescue craft from the Beaumont Hamel," said Smith, referring to the ferry from the Bell Island service.

"They went ashore, they rescued her from the beach and brought her out and transported her to the Dalton Girls, and we brought her into Long Pond."

The woman was not injured. She was expected to return to the area to retrieve her boat.

Maj. Martell Thompson of the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifax said a Cormorant helicopter and the coast guard also had been called to assist.