A woman pleaded guilty on Thursday to threatening a young man on Facebook and then assaulting him outside Prince of Wales Collegiate in St. John's in 2012.

Nikita Pearce, 21, admits she has violent tendencies while under the influence of alcohol. Back in April, she was convicted of assault with a weapon and robbery after she struck a man in the mouth with the butt of a knife while trying to get money from him.

A pre-sentence report said there is a very high risk that Pearce will offend again, and Crown prosecutor Danny Vavasour said Pearce should get three to four years in jail for the attack.

"Rehabilitation has not worked to date, so deterrence becomes the overriding principle," Vavasour said.

Pearce's lawyer, Arnold Hussey, told the court that Pearce has struggled with alcohol and drug related issues that may be related to sexual abuse she suffered.

Hussey said Pearce has been in custody since January and has received counselling and completed many courses toward getting an Adult Basic Education diploma.

He suggested nine to 12 months, as well as time and a half credit for time served, which would knock about eight months off that sentence.

Pearce made a tearful plea to Judge Pamela Goulding to release her into the care of her family under strict conditions.

"I will in the future make much better decisions and choices for myself. I realize school, work and family is everything in life," Pearce said in her statement.

"Jail is not the place for me. I can feel the pain and suffering I am putting myself and everyone else in."

Pearce will be sentenced on July 17.