A dog had to be put down in Labrador after a wolf attack on the Happy Valley-Goose Bay air base earlier this week.

Early Monday morning, a member of the military looked out his back window and saw his large dog fighting off a wolf.

He called the police.

Cpl. Adriana Laing grabbed a shotgun and went to the house.

Goose Bay, NLGoose Bay

When she got there, the injured wolf and dog were both hiding under the back deck.

"I just decided that I'd rather have the wolf be put out of his misery at this point, instead of having him come out from underneath the deck and then start running around and being more of a danger," Laing said.

The yellow Labrador was alive but badly injured. The dog had to be put down by a vet.

There have been lots of wolf sightings on the base over recent weeks.

Laing says people do need to be careful to keep pets inside, and keep an eye on children.

"Go with them, keep an eye on them and then if there are any signs, just take them home," she said.

The wolf appeared to be about a year old.

The body has been sent to a lab in Ottawa to figure out why it may have attacked the dog.