A witness to a shooting death in early July will tell the provincial court that Philip Pynn is responsible for the July 11 shooting death of Nick Winsor, according to documents filed in court by the Crown. 

Pynn, Winsor and Lyndon Butler were involved in what police say was a botched robbery attempt at a St. John's home. Winsor was later shot outside the home.

Pynn and Butler are facing murder charges for the death of Winsor and attempted murder charges for the beating of the homeowner.


Lawyer Averill Baker speaks to reporters outside court in St. John's. (CBC)

In an application to the court, the crown states the owner of the house "will give evidence implicating [Philip Pynn] as being responsible for the shooting death of Nicholas Winsor."

The information is contained in an application to have Pynn's lawyer, Averill Baker, declared to be in a conflict of interest. She had represented the homeowner on criminal matters several years ago and has confidential information about him.

The crown states the homeowner "is not prepared to waive the solicitor-client relationship owed to him by Ms. Baker."

The Crown has previously said Baker may find herself called as a witness in the case.

"It has been alleged by [Winsor's mother] Donna Pardy  that Ms. Baker contacted her and relayed admissions made by [Philip Pynn]."

Without being specific, the Crown states, "That there is evidence to suggest that Ms. Baker is unable to maintain the objectivity required to effectively assist [Philip Pynn] in this matter."

The matter will be heard in court on Tuesday afternoon.