Several Great Canadian Dollar Stores across the province have removed boxes of miniature candy canes from shelves after an incident in Conception Bay North over the weekend.

A candy cane, one of hundreds handed out at the Byrant's Cove Santa Claus parade, contained a thin piece of wire in the middle of the Christmas treat.

It was discovered by Michelle Noseworthy, who attended the parade with her grandchildren on Saturday.

She said when she bit into the candy, she also bit into an inch-long piece of wire embedded in the treat.

"As it happened I did not spit it up. I just hauled it out of my mouth, and it was still stuck in the candy cane," Noseworthy told The St. John's Morning Show.

Mini candy cane box

The wire-laced candy came from a box of 18 mini candy canes from the Great Canadian Dollar Store in Bay Roberts. (Amanda Stone)

She said she's glad it was her who got the tainted candy cane, instead of a child. 

"It was very thin, you could bend it ... but it was very sharp."

A spokesperson for the Bay Roberts store where it was bought said the made-in-China product has been removed from shelves as a precaution.

The spokesperson added that it will be up to the mainland distributor and Canadian Food Inspection Agency to decide if a recall is warranted.

Great Canadian Dollar Stores in the Goulds, Bonavista, Gander and Deer Lake also carry the "Santa's Secrets" candy canes.

There have been no other reports of problems with the candy canes.