The Mid Winter Bivver kicked off on Friday night in Grand Falls-Windsor, but not with an outdoor bonfire as originally planned. Instead, the snowmobile and culinary festival was forced indoors.

However, organizers said Saturday afternoon's trail ride to Mount Peyton is still a go.

Janice Goudie, spokesperson for the Mid Winter Bivver, said they're taking the weather in stride.

"We're keeping our fingers crossed. We're not really going to cancel anything - there are other options," Goudie said.

"We will all still get together and enjoy Mid Winter Bivver. That's what the Bivver is - it's something to give you an opportunity to bring your winter spirits up."

Goudie said the cancelled bonfire is rescheduled for Saturday night.

Culinary skills boost festival dynamic

Roary MacPherson, executive chef with the Senior Newfoundland Culinary Team, said the festival will include fine dining for the people heading out on the trials.


Roary MacPherson, executive chef with the Senior Newfoundland Culinary Team, said they're making food that will be easy to eat on the trails. CBC

"The snowmobiling crowd, they're very, very food conscious," MacPherson said.

"They want to try something different, but it's got to be practical. They're going to be out on a trail, they've got to be able to drive up to a barbecue and pick something up and eat it with relative ease."

Goudie said the combination of snowmobiling and gourmet food is a sure fire hit.

"When you mix snowmobiling with food, it's always something that people want to get out and enjoy," she said.

"So it's definitely going to be some component of it coming back next year - we'll have to wait and see exactly what happens and how it goes this year."

She said they hope to continue building the festival up and keep the new festival going.

This is the second year for the Bivver, which began in 2011 to boost winter tourism in central Newfoundland.