Winston White, a broadcaster and community organizer known for his passion for Labrador and his Inuit culture, has died.

Winston White

Winston White worked for many years as a broadcaster with CBC Radio in Labrador. (Flanker Press)

White, 72, died late last week in St. John's, where he had most recently been living.

A long-time host and broadcaster with CBC Radio, White is credited with coining the phrase "the Big Land" to describe Labrador.

Torngat Mountains MHA Randy Edmunds remembered listening to him on the radio before the two came to know each other.

"He just pushed our issues every chance he had, and being an Inuk like a lot of us, he just took it upon himself to make sure that our culture and our beliefs and our history got out there," Edmunds said.

"He will be well remembered for that. [He] always pushed Labrador first."

White also worked for the former Labrador Inuit Association — which laid the framework for Nunatsiavut, which governs part of northern Labrador — for many years.

White ran unsuccessfully for the Progressive Conservatives in Torngat Mountains district in the 1999 and 2003 elections.

White was active with cultural and writers' groups, and in 2003 authored a guidebook called Labrador: Getting Along in the Big Land.