Danny Williams escalated his verbal war with Quebec this week. ((CBC) )

A Quebec politician says Danny Williams has been excessive in his latest criticism of how Quebec has reacted to Newfoundland and Labrador's energy plans.

Williams told a St. John's business audience on Wednesday that Quebec is coddled, spoiled and hypocritical, and has been working at every turn to undermine Newfoundland and Labrador's attempts to launch the proposed Lower Churchill hydroelectric project.

The intergovernmental affairs critic for the Parti Québécois said Williams has only insulted Quebecers with his latest tirade, and has himself been hypocritical.

"Who's being abusive here?" Bernard Drainville asked in an interview. "Who's being disrespectful? I think it's Williams.

"What is he complaining about? He has a special deal on offshore resources, which Quebec doesn't have, so he's the one being divisive."

Williams started launching a new campaign against Quebec officials in May, when a regulator refused to hear Newfoundland and Labrador's complaint that Hydro-Québec was not honouring open-access rules on the transmission of power.

In August, Williams and Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter lashed out against Quebec Premier Jean Charest after Quebec asked the federal government to turn down a request for federal infrastructure support for an alternative plan to move Lower Churchill power through the Maritimes.

On Wednesday, Williams said Quebec has received billions of dollars through federal programs and now is trying to stall the development plans of other provinces.

Drainville said Williams's analysis is wrong.

"He's saying Quebec has been getting away with highway robbery. Well, he doesn't know much about his history, I think.

"I would invite him to come to Quebec and get a lesson or two on the way, you know, Quebec has been treated since this country was founded. And we could give him a few examples where we got robbed."