In a St. John's court on Wednesday, William Conway admitted to accidentally running over and killing his girlfriend Veronica Doyle in Airport Heights in October last year.

Conway pleaded guilty to criminal negligence causing Doyle's death. Doyle was found dead on Firdale Drive in the St. John's neighbourhood on October 24 shortly before 1:30 a.m.

In an agreed statement of facts, Conway, 50, said he and Doyle, 57, had been drinking alcohol and taking pills the night of her death.

He said he left their apartment after they got into an argument, and Doyle followed him out.

According to Conway, Doyle was clinging to the side of his truck as he drove away from their home and she dropped out of sight.

Conway said he turned his vehicle around, thinking Doyle had gone back inside the apartment.

He then felt two quick thumps as he drove his truck over Doyle, who was lying in the road. Conway said he did not see her lying in the road.

In the agreed statement of facts, Conway said he went into shock after a got out of the truck. He panicked, not knowing whether she was dead or alive, and fled the scene.

Crown prosecutor Jeff Summers said on Wednesday if Conway had obeyed his court orders to not drink or drive, and to stay away from Doyle, she might still be alive today.

The Crown also said Conway "callously" left Doyle in the street without trying to help or calling 911 for assistance.

Summers suggested Conway receives an 8-10 year sentence, and have his driving privileges revoked permanently.

Conway's defence lawyer Michelle Coady said a 4-6 year sentence for criminal negligence causing death, and 10 years driving prohibition, would be appropriate.

Coady said the incident was a short-lived error in judgment, and while there is severe hurt for the family, vengeance should not be part of a sentencing.

According to Coady, Conway has been warning other inmates at Her Majesty's Penitentiary about the perils of drinking and driving. He has two prior impaired offences.

Conway said in court he is sorry to all the families involved, and takes responsibility for what he did.

Conway will be back in provincial court for sentencing on June 17.

Conway previously pleaded guilty to breaching court orders, including an order to stay away from Doyle.