A woman whose husband was killed last week while riding his bicycle on a stretch of highway near Morley’s Siding says she's looking for answers about exactly what happened.

Margie Hancock's husband Douglas, 60, was bicycling on the Bonavista highway Friday when he was struck and killed. Roof trusses that were sticking out from the side of a passing truck hit him.

Hancock says her husband rode his bike in that area for years, and never operated it in an unsafe manner.

"He knows the rules of the road. He knows the rules of riding the bike," she said. "I know in my mind that he did nothing wrong. And if there's something wrong, who did something wrong?"

Hancock said she had a horrible feeling when she heard about the accident on the radio, because she knew her husband was bicycling in the area where it happened at the time.

"When I heard it on the radio, I got this sick feeling that, 'Oh my goodness, could this be?' After that, I probably started putting stuff in motion. I called my son to see, you know, how do we get more information?"

Hancock said she spoke with her husband minutes before the accident when he stopped on the side of the road to talk to her by cell phone.

RCMP are still investigating the death.

Hancock said police have assured her they'll let her know the results of their investigation.