The widow of a man killed on the Bonavista Peninsula while he was riding his bicycle said she hopes a fine laid in court against a manufacturing company will prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

Doug Hancock, 60, was struck in the head in September 2011 by roof trusses that were sticking out of a truck that was passing him on a regional highway.

Eastern Roof and Floor Truss Manufacturing admitted in provincial court Tuesday that it breached occupational health and safety rules by not providing an escort vehicle for the wide load the truck was carrying.

Doug Hancock's bicycle

Doug Hancock was struck in the head and killed while he was riding this bicycle on a regional highway on the Bonavista Peninsula in September 2011. (CBC)

In exchange for the guilty plea, charges against supervisor Keith Chard were dropped.

The company was fined $56,000 for the violation.

Margie Hancock said there is no justice when a loved one is lost in such a way, but added that she is hoping good will come from the incident.

"This is about being preventive," she said.

"No matter what words are spoken, no matter what you put in place, it will never bring Doug Hancock back, but you at least have to move on," she told CBC News.

“Moving forward, what this is about is no one gets the call and deals with what we had to deal with."

Lawyers for Eastern Roof and Truss Manufacturing and the family are still trying to work out a compensation package for Hancock's death.