An independent review of how the City of St. John's deals with snow on its streets and sidewalks may soon be launched, with one councillor admitting that the request comes on the heels of frequent complaints.

Jonathan Galgay, who chairs the city's public works committee, expects a recommendation to hire a consultant to be approved Thursday at a committee meeting.

"Myself and my colleagues have been inundated with phone calls from residents who are concerned with what they call lack of snowclearing or delays in snowclearing, sidewalks that have not been cleared [and] snow removal issues," said Galgay.

St. John's councillor Jonathan Galgay

Coun. Jonathan Galgay says he expects council to give unanimous approval to an independent snowclearing review. (CBC)

​He said the timing of the move on Thursday β€” the first day of spring β€” is meant to be symbolic.

The next step will be a discussion and vote at next Monday's weekly meeting of the full council.

"I have no doubt that this is something that council itself will unanimously approve," Galgay said, adding that he would like to see an expression of interest issued the next morning.

The review, he said, is recommended to be wide-ranging, looking at time of operations, the size and scope of the fleet, routes that crews used and whether St. John's, as a growing city, should build satellite depots to handle outlying neighbourhoods.

"Everything that you can think of will be taken into account," Galgay said.