Who will be the province’s next premier?

The race to replace Kathy Dunderdale is heating up, as possible contenders test the waters on their intentions to become leader of the governing Tories.
David Cochrane looks at who's considering a run to replace Kathy Dunderdale 4:14

The race to replace Kathy Dunderdale is heating up this week as contenders — and possible contenders — jockey for the top position as leader of the PC Party, and the next premier of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Some contenders from inside the PC caucus include:


Justice Minister Darin King

Minister Darin King told On Point host David Cochrane on Monday that he is giving "strong consideration" to a PC leadership run.  

King said his biggest single consideration is his family, and he's deciding whether making the jump from minister to potential premier is worth the additional family strain.

Child and Youth Minister Paul Davis

Child and youth minister Paul Davis is viewed in caucus as a 'fresh face' who is comfortable with the media.

But there was no comment from Davis' office today on the matter.

Natural Resources Minister Derrick Dalley

Minister Derrick Dalley may be new to cabinet, but he is seen as an ‘under the radar’ steady performer.

“Supporters close to the minister say he is still mulling his options, but if a strong contender emerges from caucus he is unlikely to run,” said Cochrane.

Fisheries minister Keith Hutchings is still weighing his options.
Fisheries Minister Keith Hutchings

Fisheries minister Keith Hutchings told CBC last week that he was weighing his options.

David Cochrane spoke to his office Monday, and it appears the weighing isn't over.

So far, no comment from Hutchings on the party leadership.

Municipal affairs minister Steve Kent said he is giving serious consideration to running for the leadership. (CBC)
Municipal Affairs Minister Steve Kent

Municipal affairs minister Steve Kent said he is giving serious consideration to running for the leadership.

"This decision is one I am making with careful deliberation, and discussion with my family, my constituents, and my fellow MHAs. Ultimately, I want to do what's best for our party and our province. I am encouraged to see strong interest in this process, both internally within our party and externally, and I look forward to an exciting campaign and convention," said Kent.

Some of the contenders from outside of caucus include:

Corner Brook businessman Bill Barry

Businessman and fishing industry giant Bill Barry’s formal announcement is set to happen Wednesday Jan. 29 at 1:30pm in Corner Brook, likely becoming the first declared candidate in the race.

St. John's businessman Charlie Oliver

Charlie Oliver’s name has surfaced over the past few days.

The CBC’s David Cochrane spoke with the businessman on Sunday.

Oliver told Cochrane he is "absolutely, seriously considering it," and will have more to say in the coming days.

Lobbyist Tim Powers

PC lobbyist, organizer, and commentator Tim Powers said he’s received many calls from people about running, and he’s listening.

“[I] haven't made a decision either way. Right now, my main focus is on work, and the commitment I have made to it, but the future of Newfoundland and Labrador is important to me too. We'll see what the party decides in terms of the dates for convention, and then I hope to have more to say,” said Power.

Shawn Skinner will spend the next two days meeting with people to see what kind of support he has.
Former cabinet minister Shawn Skinner

Shawn Skinner has been out of the province for the past few days, but he will soon be meeting with people to gauge the support he has.

“Clearly, Skinner is seriously considering a leadership bid,” said Cochrane.

Senator Fabian Manning

Senator Fabian Manning was kicked out of the PC caucus, and he is considered a ‘Harper tory.' 

But the twice appointed Senator isn't letting that stand in his way.

He told Cochrane on Monday he is "exploring all options" when it comes to a leadership bid.

So far, those are the names of some political contenders, but the list will undoubtedly grow, shrink, and change in the coming days.

Premier Tom Marshall has said any cabinet ministers who seek the leadership will have to leave the cabinet table.