Parents of students at Whitbourne Elementary are taking the Eastern School District to court.

They hope a judge will reverse the board's decision to close the school at the end of June. 

Tony Young, a parent and a plaintiff, argues parents did not receive a fair hearing.

He says they weren't consulted properly, which violated the Schools Act.

"We weren't given any information with respect to statistical information, enrolment projections, the financial rationale with closing the school, building conditions," said Young.

Five schools slated for closure

Five rural schools were on the chopping block in the board's multi-year plan. But last year trustees reversed decisions to close three of them.

Whitbourne Elementary, however, was not spared.

Young said Whitbourne parents could have convinced trustees to keep their school open if parents had been armed with more information.

"We want the decision reversed and we certainly want the process started over," he said.

Milton Peach, chair of the Eastern School District, said the decision to close Whitbourne Elementary was based on a fair and transparent process. But he acknoledged the parents' right to challenge the process in court.

The case is scheduled to be heard May 16.