Wednesday's throne speech has received a lot of criticism from Newfoundland and Labrador's two opposition parties — with both taking aim at what they consider a big policy flip-flop on whistleblower legislation.

In the speech, government said it will introduce the province's first whistleblower legislation during the spring session.

The Liberals and New Democrats said there is plenty of talk of the legislation from government, but it has yet to be backed up with action.

Six years ago the Tories said they would bring in protection for government workers—- then the government backed away saying it wasn't needed.

But now, in a new push for openness, Premier Tom Marshall said the plan is back on. 

Liberal Leader Dwight Ball said he's skeptical.

"Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are tired of being told one thing, only to realize this government will do something very different," Ball said.

The province has also promised to listen more to the public.

​NDP Leader Lorraine Michael said she's waiting to see some action.

"I say, 'You haven't done it yet, so you're going to do something to really prove to people that their voice means something because they're not being listened to,'" Michael said.