Opposition Leader Dwight Ball suspects the governing Tories have no intention of delivering on an aging promise to protect whistleblowers with a new law.

Dwight Ball in house of assembly on November 25 2013

Liberal Leader Dwight Ball questions whether the Tories will ever introduce a whistleblower law. (CBC )

"It has been six years since this government promised to introduce whistle-blower legislation in response to the recommendations from the Green report," Ball told the house of assembly Monday, referring to the investigation by Justice Derek Green on the legislative spending scandal that sent four politicians and two other men to prison.

"Six years later, and still no blanket legislation to protect whistle-blowers," said Ball. "Why don’t you just admit you have no intentions of ever bringing in whistle-blower legislation that protects all workers in our province?"

Such legislation is intended to protect public servants who reveal government misconduct.

Justice Minister Darin King said the government is trying to get things right.

Darin King in house of assembly November 25 2013

Justice Minister Darin King: 'We're chopping away at this, bit by bit.' (CBC)

"We're chopping away at this bit by bit, and we will continue," King told the legislature.

"But I assure the house of assembly and the people of the province, that if employees with the government have issues, there's protection for them to speak out and make it known."

King said he does not know when a bill will be tabled, but said it will not happen during the current sitting of the house.

"We're not ruling it out bringing it in the future," King said. "We are taking some time to have a look at what's happening in other jurisdictions."