An unusual marketing campaign from the province's liquor corporation has paired a Newfoundland and Labrador favourite food  Vienna Sausages  with whisky.

Customers purchasing a bottle of Golden Wedding Whisky get a complimentary can of Maple Leaf Vienna Sausages.

Whisky brand Golden Wedding has been paired with the Maple Leaf canned classic in what is likely the most unusual pairing suggestion from the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation.

Greg Gill, marketing director at NLC, said the company had been looking for a brand that was up for pairing with the sausages for some time.

"It's really just a fun-filled marketing idea that was kicking around our way for a while, looking to do something new and fun and humorous, and something to grab a little attention," he said.

"It was just kind of a fun way to tie into Vienna sausages and being local."

Gill said despite the unconventional promotion — which is pretty far removed from their usual sommelier-recommended meal pairings — the campaign has been successful.

"Some people are surprised, some people actually come in asking for it, or asking where the Golden Wedding display is and that kind of thing," Gill said.

"From our perspective, or from a marketer’s perspective, if you have customers coming into the store asking for product before they even get to the section, we think it's a good thing."

Gill said he hasn't yet tried the pairing himself, but that staff at the store locations has been having fun with the promo.