People looking to buy fresh meat in Newfoundland and Labrador grocery stores had to do without this past weekend, or get their meat elsewhere.

Staff at a Dominion grocery store in Gander say the store is "dramatically behind on orders" because of transportation problems. 

It's not the first case of food shortages in the province's grocery stores recently, with reports of many not receiving shipments in time to restock their shelves over the last several weeks.

Shoppers took to social media to post and share photos of empty shelves in Gander over the weekend.

The same situation was seen in Mount Pearl Sunday night, with photos on social media showing only chicken left in the meat section.

Trucks carrying goods on Marine Atlantic ferries have been repeatedly delayed this season due to severe ice conditions between Port aux Basques and North Sydney.

The coast guard says this year's ice conditions are the worst in 30 years.