When Angus Andersen takes his soapstone carving outdoors to his driveway on busy Freshwater Road in St. John's, he finds himself answering a lot of questions from passersby about Labrador life and culture.

"A lot of people aren't sure about Labrador culture, or Labrador, or the Labrador Inuit," said Andersen.

"Labradorians passing by always say, 'Labrador!'"

Andersen said he enjoys talking to people about Labrador, Inuit life, and his soapstone carvings.

He said he has been carving since the late 1990s, and the art connects him with his family and his culture.

"It takes me back to my childhood, watching my grandfather carve," said Andersen.

Angus Andersen

Angus Andersen works on a soapstone carving in his driveway on a busy St. John's street. (Heather Barrett/CBC)

"It's relaxing, and of course, nice weather, it's good to be outside."

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