In Mike Carroll's world, a "dead" instrument is a school band instrument that has been played into the ground by generations of young musicians.

But the retired teacher couldn't bear to throw any of them out.

Instrument fountain

These former brass band instruments are now an indoor water feature. (Mike Carroll)

"Just having the dead instruments around in the band room over the years, trying to figure out what they could be used for after they have lived their life as a band instrument, and can no longer be used or stripped for parts to repair other horns," said Carroll.

"I guess the artistic side of me just jumbled this around in my mind."

Saxophone lamp

A saxy lamp. (Mike Carroll)

Carroll's garden shed in Grand Falls-Windsor is full of silent brass, woodwind and percussion instruments, awaiting new life.

"Friends of mine who are still instrumental music teachers, whenever they get a horn that's at that state in its life, they pass it on to me," he said.

Trombone wall lamp

This trombone may not be playable, but Mike Carroll sees it in a new light. (Mike Carroll)

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