What a word cloud says about this week's budget

We took Charlene Johnson's budget speech, visualized the data, and found the words she emphasized the most. Have a look.
This word cloud was produced through Wordle, and shows themes that were stressed in this week's budget speech. (CBC)

What were the themes that Finance Minister Charlene Johnson was trying to emphasize during Thursday's budget speech?

We took the text of her speech, ran it through the interactive program Wordle, and produced the word cloud you see above. To put the spotlight on key themes, we removed institutional words ("government," for instance), the name of the province, etc. 

What did we find? It's probably no coincidence that the word "investment" shows up repeatedly — 52 times to be exact. The adjective "new" is a strategic choice for a first-time finance minister, even one with a government that was first elected in 2003. 

In the meantime, you can watch Charlene Johnson's debut budget speech on demand by clicking the video icon to the upper left.