A Corner Brook woman was barred from boarding her flight this week because she didn't have the right ID, but thanks to a last ditch idea and faith in a complete stranger, she made her way home.

Lisa Myles accidentally left her driver's licence at home when she boarded a WestJet flight from Deer Lake to Toronto, but was able to use her MCP card — which allows her to obtain health services — as ID.

"Are the rules different [at] every airport? Because why was it acceptable at one and not acceptable at the other? - Lisa Myles

But the return trip proved to be much more difficult, after WestJet staff in Toronto wouldn't let her board the plane there.

"I just flashed my ID, expecting to go on with my son and my husband, and the girl that looked at it said, 'Hmm, is this a government-issued card?'" Myles said.

A WestJet employee determined Myles's ID was not acceptable, and she was left in the airport on her own. 

"First thing that went through my mind was, 'oh my God. Are the rules different [at] every airport?' Because why was it acceptable at one and not acceptable at the other?"

Had she known she needed a photo ID, Myles said she would have gotten her driver's licence sent to her hotel in Toronto.

'My white knight!'

Lisa Myles and Andrew Billard

Lisa Myles says Andrew Billard, a complete stranger, came to her rescue in Toronto this week. (Submitted by Lisa Myles)

With no where else left to turn, Myles posted on Corner Brook Classifieds Facebook page, asking for help.

"All I said was, 'I'm stuck in Toronto, I need my ID, is there anyone travelling from Deer Lake to Toronto who can help me?' And this Andrew guy popped on and said, 'I can.'"

Meanwhile, in Deer Lake, Andrew Billard was waiting in security, with about 15 minutes to go before he was set to board his flight.

Myles sent her step-daughters to the airport to give Billard her driver's licence.

"They ran through the airport, they just made it. They were running through security and they were stopping them at security and they were singing out, 'Andrew, Andrew!' And then Andrew turned around .. he was about to board the plane and he came back, took it from them, got back on the plane and ran," Myles told the Corner Brook Morning Show.

Billard met Myles as soon as he stepped off the plane in Toronto, she said, carrying with him, her ID.

"I thought it was wonderful. My knight in shining armour. My white knight!"

CBC News has reached out to WestJet for comment.

The airline's policy says an adult with two pieces of valid, non-photo government-issued ID is OK, as long as it includes the traveller's name, date of birth and gender.

Myles said WestJet did pay for her ticket back home as well as her meals.

With files from the Corner Brook Morning Show