Some pet owners in St. John's are disappointed in what they feel is a lack of city services available on weekends to help catch stray animals.

Barry Fordham, who lives on a busy street near a golf course, saw a stray dog in his neighbourhood last week.

He tried to chase after the dog while his neighbours called St. John's Humane Services for help, but they got no answer.

Fordham said he's concerned about the safety of the animals that get loose.

"As a dog owner, I'd be very upset — I'd be very distressed — if my dog got out of the yard and got loose, and there was no service available to help," Fordham said.


Cindy McGrath says she believes the city shelter does keep up with demand in St. John's. (CBC)

Cindy McGrath, the supervisor at humane services, said they're open on the weekends, but animal patrols operate on an on-call basis.

"We don't have people out doing patrols on the weekend, which we do Monday to Friday," said McGrath.

Animal advocates with other groups think the city should pay to expand its services.

Jessica Rendell, the president of Heavenly Creatures in St. John's, said weekend staffing needs to change.

"We would like to see the city give the humane services department more money in their budget, so they could hire more staff and have longer hours on the weekend," Rendell said.

"Perhaps it might make them a little easier to get in touch with."

McGrath said she believes the shelter does its best to keep up with weekend demands.