Many schools in Labrador were closed Wednesday morning either because of cold temperatures or stormy weather.

The principal of the school in Hopedale said it's becoming the norm this winter.

Dean Coombs said his school has had at least one weather interruption every week since Christmas.

Coombs added the closures are having an impact on classes and extra-curricular activities.

"I'm walking in the school many evenings, even after the school day is over at 3:00 and saying, 'Guys, we got a blizzard coming down again, we gotta get home,'" said Coombs. 

"'But sir, we need to practice.' I said, 'Well, it's not fit to be here in school, I don't want the responsibility of getting you home at 4:00 in a blizzard when it's time to go now and we're closed.'"