A candidate for the leadership of the province's Progressive Conservatives says he has filed a police complaint against the party he hopes to lead.

Wayne Bennett also accused PC members of trying to hack his Twitter account, as well as orchestrating a smear campaign to put a halt to his leadership ambitions.

Bennett could be kicked out of the race for some of his online comments on Twitter.

Last week, Bennett sent out tweets that have been considered offensive. In one tweet, Bennett compared online "trolling" to Muslims and the use of suicide bombers, and said Muslim women and children can't be trusted.

The PC rules committee has been asked to consider whether it should disqualify Bennett from the race for his online behaviour.

Bennett said he is the focus of a Tory conspiracy, with the specific intent to prevent him from becoming the leader of the party.

According to Bennett, the party power base is out to stop his campaign, but he admits he has no proof.

"The PC party hacks made sure they spun that because I felt that when I made that comment, they said, 'Ah, we got Bennett now. Cue the band, roll the bus,'" Bennett said.

"They will stop at nothing - like Al Capone did - they will stop at nothing to make sure that I am taken off the agenda."

According to Bennett, there's a complaint filed with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary to get proof that he's been a target of online trolling by the Tories.

"I don't [have proof]. But that's why I filed complaints with the RNC this morning so that they will go and they will do an investigation, and when they subpoena those records they will have the proof," he said.

Bennett is running against Bill Barry and Frank Coleman to become the next leader of the Tories, and thus the next premier of Newfoundland and Labrador.