Officials in Deer Lake are getting worried as water pressure levels in the town drop due to unnecessary usage.

A shortage is being blamed on excessive use of water for car washes and watering of lawns and gardens — and matters are worsened by a lack of rainfall in the area.

Elmo Bingle said the hot weather has made people use sprinklers to water their properties — sometimes leaving them running for up to12 hours a day.


Elmo Bingle, a town councillor in Deer Lake, says excessive use of lawn sprinklers is contributing to a water shortage in the town. (CBC)

"The biggest concern that we have is the usage of the water and with the extreme temperatures," said Bingle.

"People are using a lot more water watering their lawns, which is causing low pressure in certain areas of town."

According to Bingle, the biggest risk is if a fire breaks out and firefighters are unable to get water from hydrants due to low pressure levels.

Bingle said the entire town is feeling marginal effects, but about 40 per cent of people are significantly impacted by low water pressure.

"People find it very difficult to shower, wash dishes with their automatic dishwashers, or even to wash clothes with their automatic washers," Bingle said.

"And with these appliances, they need a constant flow of water, but with the number of sprinklers that are on in town, and with the extended periods of usage, this is causing a big concern for residents in certain areas of town."

According to Bingle, he's seen some areas where there are four or five sprinklers on at the same time on a single property.

He said the town is asking residents — including people in Reidville, which feeds off the Deer Lake water supply — to restrict their usage in an effort to conserve water.

Bingle said water usage will be restricted by civic addresses — even numbers on Wednesday and Saturday, and odd numbers on Thursday and Sunday — from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m., and 8 p.m. until 10 p.m. to avoid peak water usage times.