Residents and businesses in St. Anthony have running water again —- but the town has maintained a boil advisory. 

On Tuesday, most of the town lost its water. Schools and businesses were closed, and the Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital was open for emergencies only.

Ice prevented water from leaving the local reservoir and moving into the town intake. A crew managed to restore service overnight.

Officials warn there will be interruptions again on Wednesday, as the town continues to deal with the situation. Divers are working to clear up the ice.

Mayor Ernest Simms said it is a recurring problem because of the water system's design. 

"Our reservoir is in a higher-elevated condition where temperatures tend to get colder than down in St. Anthony itself," said Simms.

"A design was made by engineers. That design was presented and put forward to government for funding, and everything else by the town of course. And we received partial funding and partial design — and today we're suffering from the same effects."