A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a Bonavista man, now living in Montreal, who has sold pets to people in Newfoundland over Facebook.

Rian Hicks, 32, missed his second scheduled court appearance in Newfoundland and Labrador provincial court on Tuesday.

CBC News Investigates

He was originally scheduled to appear on April 8.

Neither Hicks nor a lawyer were present for either court date.

Hicks is facing one charge of fraud under $5,000. He's alleged to have defrauded a woman in St. John's in May 2013.

Police had previously confirmed to CBC Investigates that the charge was filed "in relation to a dog."

At the first court date in April, the judge noted there were procedural issues with how Hicks was served his summons.

But on Tuesday, Judge Pamela Goulding said Hicks was personally served a new summons by a peace officer in Montreal, which was sworn in April.

Crown lawyer Elizabeth Ivany then requested that a warrant be issued for his arrest, due to Hicks's failure to appear in court.