Ward 4 candidates seek change for St. John's council

The candidates running in the Ward 4 byelection in St. John's spoke with CBC's Debbie Cooper Tuesday about what they plan to do if elected.
The candidates for Ward 4 in St. John's were finalized Tuesday. They sat down with the CBC's Debbie Cooper to give their take on what they'd do on council. 4:14

The candidates running in St. John's Ward 4 byelection were finalized on Tuesday and they sat down with CBC's Debbie Cooper to explain what they plan to do if elected.

Jill Bruce, Matthew White, Sheilagh O'Leary, Janet Kovich and Debbie Hanlon are running for the vacant council seat. 

The candidates all say bringing change to the council chambers, the tough fiscal climate and the recent municipal budget are important issues. 

The position became open when the former councillor, Bernard Davis, was elected as the MHA for Virginia Waters-Pleasantville last fall. 

The Ward 4 byelection will be held February 23.