St. John's city council has walked away from a proposal that it admits sounded great at the beginning: a walk of fame to recognize local entertainers who have done well.

Coun. Tom Hann said the while the original idea to honours artists and musicians, a recommendation that came back to council could have drastically expensive implications.

"All of a sudden it's morphed into this big, major issue that could wind up being quite expensive," Hann told Monday evening's council meeting.

"If we accept what is before us and included all of the artists, cultural workers, researchers, those in science, technology, sports, business, government and so on, which is in this recommendation - I think we'd need a sidewalk to go from here to Holyrood and back again," said Hann.

"There wouldn't be enough room to do what the original intent of this was."

Hann said a committee's recommendation included turning the walk into a wall of fame. Hann said such a project could cost between $300,000 and $400,000.

But Coun. Bernard Davis said council was not being asked to approve such an expenditure, but to commission staff to do more research, including what other municipalities have done.

Deputy Mayor Ron Ellsworth said he did not understand how Hann found a possible cost of a wall of fame, as it not been decided by the committee.

"We suggested using a broader scope," he said, adding that many people have earned international recognition in their respective fields.

After debate, council voted to abandon the idea altogether.