The president of an animal shelter in western Labrador says she's already seeing the effects of recent layoffs at the idled Wabush Mines.

Jennifer Holloway, president of Faiths Haven Animal Shelter, said there were about a dozen cats and dogs dropped off at the not-for-profit shelter last week alone.

Holloway said not all families, who are leaving the community to find work, are able to bring their pets with them.

"We knew it was going to happen. It's one of those things you're expecting to start trickling down," said Holloway.

"Unfortunately, with the families starting to move away now, there have been a lot of families who haven't been able to take their pets with them."

According to Holloway, the shelter has been able to keep pace with adoptions, but it has a higher number of cats than usual looking for homes.

An estimated 400 employees at the Cliffs Resources operation were left without jobs following the idling of the mine in early February.