Labrador City and Wabush have agreed to work together to come up with a plan for a new regional recreation complex despite worries the two town councils might not be able to work well with each other.

The two western Labrador communities are planning for the new complex, which would include an indoor turf soccer field, a replacement curling rink and an indoor track.

Tony Reccord, president of the local Minor Soccer Association, said the complex is sorely needed for the area.

"It's a facility we really need. I mean, we got such a short summer here that our program is a 14-week program — five weeks of it is indoor," he said.

However, some people were worried about whether the two town councils were really willing to work together to come up with the best plan because they hadn't agreed officially to work together on the project.

Labrador City Mayor Karen Oldford

Labrador City Mayor Karen Oldford says the two communities, Labrador City and Wabush, have been working together more in the last four years than ever before. (CBC)

Tuesday night, Mayor Colin Vardy said he's ready to work with neighbouring Labrador City.

"Back in late December, early January, we spoke about the possibility of looking at regionalization of some of our recreational services or how it can be done," said Vardy.

Labrador City Mayor Karen Oldford said this is the closest the two towns have been in years, collaborating on multiple projects.

The next step for the recreation complex is finding funds and a location. One proposed site for the $30-million complex is beside the Labrador City Arena.