Mayor Gary Gosine is upset after what he described as a dangerous situation on the water Saturday.

The Wabana Mayor says the organizers of the Portugal Cove Regatta failed to tell other people who use the water that the event was going ahead.

The Portugal Cove regatta took place near the terminal for the Bell Island ferry.

Gosine said the boats on the water could have been a hazard for the ferries trying to dock.

"Someone over there forgot two things," said Gosine. "To tell us and forgot to tell Marine services because the captain knew nothing about it on his ship, which is a potential danger with boats in the water and kayakers."

Gosine said apart from the danger to the ferries, there were long line-ups in Portugal Cove because of people parking there for the regatta.

He wants someone from the regatta to sit down with him to better co-ordinate the event next year.

"Whoever's organizing this for next year, starting Monday, should contact both towns and Marine services and try to come up with a better plan than what they've had for every year since they've started it," he said.

"They're not considering the traffic and that's the biggest problem here with that regatta."