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Last week's budget allows for the Newfoundland and Labrador government to very much sweeten the pot for residents of tiny communities who are thinking of moving away.

new relocation fund will raise the incentive from $100,000 to about $270,000, or almost three times as much.

The government is not actually planning to spend much of that money in the coming fiscal year, as it will take a while for the program to roll out, and for residents in some communities to ponder their choices.

So far, the reaction we've heard from some small communities has been positive. We've heard a welcome reaction from Little Bay Islands (population: 69) and William's Harbour (population: 17).

The government has notably not used words like "resettle" to describe the program — not surprising, as that word still carries quite a bit of political baggage, even though the major program associated with Joey Smallwood wound down decades ago.

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