The weather forecast for Wednesday is positive, meaning there's a strong likelihood that the Royal St. John's Regatta will proceed as planned.

Tens of thousands of people from the St. John's area, and a great many visitors, flock to Quidi Vidi Lake for the annual event.

Alternatively, quite a few people make a point of staying away. Still others will start their celebrations on Tuesday evening, taking their chances with a weather-dependent public holiday.

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Meanwhile, follow Ryan Snoddon's weather page for all the up-to-date details.

As well, check out sports columnist Don Power's take on the current state of the regatta. Power argues that as a competitive sport, it has become a non-event.

CBC will be at Quidi Vidi Lake throughout the day. Listen to the St. John's Morning Show between 5:30 a.m. and 6 a.m. NT for the official call on whether the regatta is a go, with Cecil Haire reporting from the scene. We'll have updates on Radio Noon and On The Go, and Jonathan Crowe will co-anchor Here & Now from the pond heading into the championship races. We'll have those results online and on Late Night.

We'll also be running a live blog on all things regatta. We will be pulling in photos and tweets; please use the hashtag #sjregatta to catch our attention!