A Labrador women's volleyball team will participate in an annual tournament this weekend, without their new personalized team jerseys.

The new shirts were being shipped from a supplier in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, but disappeared after arriving at the airport in Hopedale.

Jolyn Pijogge said she and her teammates planned to wear the decorated jerseys at the tournament. The tees were personalized, and the players who are mothers had the names of their children printed on them.

"It would have been nice to wear them, to set us apart as a team, and to kind of represent our children and how proud we are of them," Pijogge told CBC News.  

"It always looks nicer to see a team on the court with uniforms." 

Pijogge said Provincial Airlines has offered to replace the uniforms, but they won't be ready for the tournament, which starts on Friday in Hopedale.

"But I think it was more of a, not [an] emotional thing, but there was some attachment to them even though we didn't see them or wear them yet. So it was very disappointing to all of us that we didn't get the t-shirts. We've invested in them. It just would have been nice to wear them while we're playing."   

Pijogge said this isn't the first time a parcel has gone missing — and wants the terminal to have a secure spot to store packages.

"There's nothing secured. When parcels come in to the terminal, they're just left on the floor, accessible to whoever else accesses the building."

The RCMP, meanwhile, said no one has filed a complaint.