The Labrador North Chamber of Commerce in Happy Valley-Goose Bay said the expansion of the Voisey's Bay nickel mine will come with some challenges.

Expanding into underground operations will mean the existing workforce will double to 800, and local businesses are already having trouble keeping workers.


The Voisey's Bay mine in northern Labrador. (CBC)

Sterling Peyton, president of the chamber, said the increase in the number of higher paying jobs will exacerbate that problem.

"It is a challenge, and I'm sure someone started thinking that right away again this morning, ‘Well, here we go again, there's going to be greater impact on my labour supply,'" Peyton said.

However, it does mean an increase of people in Labrador, as well as more long-term jobs after the construction of Muskrat Falls is completed.

"It's another opportunity to think about moving to Labrador, to moving to Happy Valley-Goose Bay, to take advantage of this," Peyton said.

"All of a sudden, there's long term career opportunities here."

Construction on the underground expansion is expected to begin in 2015.