Vikings associate sentenced to 18 months for trafficking cocaine

A man associated with a St. John's motorcycle club will be spending some time behind bars.

Vincent Leonard Jr. pleaded guilty to drug trafficking on Sept. 8

Vincent Leonard Jr. being led into St. John's provincial court in 2016. (Ted Dillon/CBC)

Vincent Leonard Jr. was led from the courtroom and into custody on Friday, sentenced to serve the next 18 months behind bars.

Leonard is the first person tied to the Vikings Motorcycle Club to be sentenced in provincial court after a string of police raids around downtown St. John's almost exactly one year ago.

He faced four counts of possessing and trafficking cocaine, as well as a charge of participating in a criminal organization.

As part of a plea deal, he will only be convicted on trafficking charges.

Leonard will also serve one year of probation and face a 10-year ban on possessing weapons.

Police said Leonard was not a full-fledge member of the Vikings, but was associated with the group's drug dealings.

The 41-year-old was not the only Leonard caught up in the raids. His father, Vincent Leonard Sr., is also facing charges of trafficking cocaine.

Leonard's cousin Daniel Leonard, 35, is facing charges of first-degree murder in the 2014 killing of Dale Porter in North River.

One of the September raids took place at Daniel Leonard's downtown home on Cabot Street.

Leonard Sr. and fellow Viking Wayne Johnson will appear in court for election and plea on Oct. 18.