Video of vehicle chase prompts police probe

A vehicle chase in Paradise that was captured on video on Thursday has prompted an RNC investigation, but the people caught on camera say the video only tells part of the story.

Incident captured by dashboard camera on road in Paradise

A confrontation between the driver of this pickup truck and the driver of a silver SUV was captured on video and posted online. (CBC )

A YouTube video of a pickup pursuing an SUV in Paradise has prompted an RNC investigation.

But the people in the pickup say the footage doesn't tell the whole story.

A popular social media user with the handle "St. John's Worst Drivers" recorded the dangerous chase Thursday with a dashboard camera.

The video depicts the short pursuit with a time stamp of 2:27 p.m. It begins with the driver of a red pickup jumping out of his vehicle at an intersection to confront someone. But a traffic light changes before he gets the chance.

The man gets back in the truck and pursues a silver SUV as it turns right onto Topsail Road. The SUV driver starts to make a sharp turn into a parking lot, but comes back onto Topsail Road.

The pickup truck pulls alongside, but the SUV driver suddenly brakes, pulls a U-turn, and speeds off the other way.

More to the story

After the video was posted online, the wife of the truck driver contacted CBC.

She said the incident began in St. John's, as she and her husband were travelling west on the Outer Ring Road with their small child in the back seat.

She said the SUV tried to merge onto the highway from Allandale Road. But instead of slowing down and merging into the lane behind them, she said the vehicle sped up and nearly clipped their pickup.

She said the SUV was moving erratically all the way to Paradise, with the driver braking suddenly and repeatedly giving them the finger.

She said when the couple got home, they received a call from the RNC, telling them the driver of the SUV had filed a complaint against them.

Police are continuing to investigate.