A Northern Peninsula man who was killed in an apparent industrial accident aboard a shrimp trawler is being remembered fondly by those who knew him.

St. Anthony Bight resident Aaron Cull, 25, was hit by a steel door on Friday night while he was working on the Katsheshuk II.

The shrimp vessel was at sea at the time.

"As nice young fellow as you could meet," said fellow St. Anthony Bight resident Stanley Simms. "When he got out of school, he went on a boat and that's where he spent his spent his lifetime to."

Fisherman Dave Patey, who knew Cull all his life, said fishing was in his friend's blood, even in childhood.

"Every chance [he had], he wanted to get out on a boat. He'd be on the wharf over there," Patey said.

"Then he gradually worked his way in, then he went on up to the bigger boat."

Both the RCMP and the Occupational Health and Safety office of the Newfoundland and Labrador government are investigating the incident. As well, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada has assigned two investigators to the case.