A woman in Churchill Falls, N.L., says she made a nasty discovery in a bag of frozen vegetables she picked up at the local grocery store.

Cassondra Marshall posted on CBC Newfoundland and Labrador's Facebook page Monday a photo of what appears to be the severed head of an amphibian or reptile.

Marshall wanted to warn others of what scaly creatures — or what's left of them — could be in their bags of vegetables.

"Surprised and disgusted to find a lizard head in my Green Giant veggies this evening while eating supper," Marshall wrote.

The head reportedly came from a bag of frozen Green Giant broccoli — a product of Mexico.

"My mom was cooking supper and she had all the veggies [steamed] and we were sat down, we had our supper ate, and I looked into the bowl — I was going to grab another veggie — and I looked down and said, 'Oh my God, what's that?'" Marshall told CBC News on Tuesday.

"First you weren't really sure if it was a lizard head or not, so I started looking at it and I could see the spine on the back, I was like, 'Oh yeah, it's definitely some sort of lizard or reptile or something.' I could see the eyes, it was really gross."

Severed lizard head

A woman in Labrador west says she discovered a frozen head of what appears to be a lizard or frog inside a bag of Green Giant vegetables Monday. (Cassondra Marshall)

What disturbed Marshall even more than finding the head was wondering what happened to the other parts of the body.

"There's still four legs, a body and a tail missing," Marshall said, "If it's a snake, there's a bunch of pieces missing." 

Marshall said the bag of vegetables was purchased at Wal-Mart in Labrador City.

"I hope no one else finds this in their veggies, [because] this made me sick to my stomach," she said.

Marshall said she emailed the company to point out what could have made it to her dinner plate.

A representative from General Mills, which owns Green Giant, said the company has reached out to Marshall and is investigating.

"We certainly want to apologize to Cassondra for her experience," the statement read.

"General Mills Canada is committed to providing safe, properly labelled, high-quality products to its consumers."

Meanwhile, the mystery head is in Marshall's freezer until she figures out what it could have come from. 

"Hopefully there's no additives in our meal tonight."