The swimming pool in Conception Bay South has been shut down until Saturday, after an attack that sent smashed glass flying inside.


Conception Bay South Mayor Woodrow French is furious with vandalism that has temporarily closed the town's pool. ((CBC) )

Someone used a rock on Friday night to smash out a window.

Staff cordoned off a small wading pool near the window so a swim meet could go ahead over the weekend.

Mayor Woodrow French said the town is losing patience with vandals.

"Anybody who wants to tamper with these facilities can rest assured that if we catch them, they'll definitely face the law, there's no question about that," French said.

The incident forced the town to close both pools this week so they can be drained and cleaned.

"The glass and the rock itself wound up in the kids wading pool [so] we had to shut down both pools and drain them, and then clean them to make sure that we got all the glass," he said.

The town is taking advantage of the downtime this week to do regular maintenance that had been scheduled for the Christmas break.