Some of the vandalized signs along a popular walking trail in Holyrood. (CBC )

Holyrood has decided to install hidden cameras to catch whoever is vandalizing signs and public washrooms around the town.

Spray-painted trail signs and broken public toilets are some of the evidence of the illegal activity. The town has also blamed someone for breaking the lights on the cross that overlooks the community.

Holyrood Mayor Gary Goobie said the problem started this spring when the town banned dirt bikes on a popular walking trail, and erected signs informing residents of the new rule.

"We feel there's a good possibility that there is a correlation there between some of the dirt bike users and this mischievous vandalism happening in the town," he said.

"Maybe they're not happy that they're no longer permitted to ride their dirt bikes along on the railway bed, so maybe they're venting their frustration at the town."

The town said that some of the dirt bikes were speeding on the trail and kicking up beach rocks that could injure people.

Goobie said many of the signs notifying residents about the dirt bike ban are the same ones that were painted over.

"It's very disheartening when, you know, some individuals go on a spree some night and start destroying all this property, because it costs thousands of dollars to put there," said Goobie. 

He said the RCMP can't be everywhere all the time, so the town has decided to install surveillance cameras.

"It's intolerable," he said.

"We're taking back our community."