Concerned parents in Conception Bay South can rest easy after the driver of a van accused of trying to lure an eight-year-old boy came forward to say he was just reminiscing about his time living in the neighbourhood.

On Wednesday, parent Imran Azizan spoke out about his son's experience being trailed by men inside a blue van and followed home from school on Monday.

'He told the boys that they did the exact thing they should be doing.' - Imran Azizan

But after CBC News reported on the story, the man came forward and visited Azizan and his wife Julie's home to apologize for the confusion.

"The gentleman was from the area and he was reminiscing," Azizan told CBC on Thursday.

"He basically went up to my house because my son reminded him of his grandson so he was trying to motion him to come talk to him, however he didn't open the windows and he understands now that what he did could be misunderstood to a child."

In a Facebook status update, mother Julie Azizan said her son and family are relieved after their worst suspicions turned out to be unfounded.

"He feels really bad, he found out through CBC Radio about what happened and realized it was him," Azizan told the St. John's Morning Show.

"He told the boys that they did the exact thing they should be doing by locking the doors and contacting the police."

Initial fears

The perceived safety of the family's cul-de-sac in Conception Bay South was briefly shaken this week after the incident. 

"My son was on the [school] bus when he noticed the blue van behind the bus," said Imran Azizan.

"He noticed that the blue van turned into the cul-de-sac following him. So he ran to the front of the house," he added.  "And the van came right up in front of our driveway."

The family called 911 and reported the story to police after the incident, but they could find no evidence of the van in or around the neighbourhood.

Blue Van license Plate

Azizan said a graphic artist has been able to bring out a letter and four numbers on the van's licence plate. (Image is taken from Irman Azizan's Facebook page.)

Azizan even went as far as having a graphic artist attempt to reconstruct a photo of the van to make it more noticeable. 

But it was all, thankfully, for nought.

"Street hockey can resume," wrote Julie Azizan.

With files from Glenn Payette