The Faith's Haven animal shelter in Labrador City is looking for more people to adopt cats than usual.

President Jennifer Holloway says they recently ended up with 20 new cats, all from one source.

She says a senior citizen on a low income was trying to help strays, but did not have the animals spayed or neutered.

"It was really sad," said Holloway.

"Unfortunately this individual thought that they were doing a great thing, rescuing a couple of cats, and they weren't spayed or neutered. Two cats became four, and four became 12 and so on and so on, until there ended up being 20 black cats in their home."

The high number of animals coming in at one time has put a great deal of pressure on the shelter.

Holloway says not only do they have to be fed, but they must also be sterilized and receive other care from a veterinarian to be healthy.